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3 Home Improvements You’ll Be Glad You Made

Every home owner has a list of tasks or improvements needed to be made. Some lists are large, and some lists are small, however human nature drives us to improve our living and shelter. Although upgrades come in all shapes and sizes, the following home improvements can make a world of a difference!


Gutters are not a necessity by any means, but boy are they helpful! Depending on the layout of your roof, you may have water dripping onto your porch, in front of your garage, or over a flower bed. This can not only be damaging to your flowers and soak any guests waiting at your door, but during winter may cause serious ice hazards. If you’re a go getter and want to install yourself, ensure you have all the tools and extra hands to help. You can also hire a rain gutter contractor to professionally install them for you.

Water softener

Many newly built homes do not have water softeners installed, as they are typically not a necessity. However, it is highly recommended by many home owners. Why? Water softeners help remove ions in the water that cause water to be hard. Hard water is not a health risk, however can be a nuisance causing mineral buildup in and on your fixtures. Water softener units can run anywhere from $700 to $2000 depending on what you need. With a bit of research you can install a unit yourself, or of course hire a professional.

Air Conditioning

This home improvement really depends on location. If you are in the southern states where temperatures reach 120 degrees, your home may already come with an AC unit so you can survive! Other parts of the country may not have AC units to start. Even in norther parts of the country where temperatures remain relatively cool, summers can still be hot, and a home AC unit is an awesome upgrade. If you’ve ever had those hot, sweaty, sleepless nights in mid-July, you’ll know why this upgrade is worth every penny!

With any home improvement project, DIY or professionally done, always make safety a top priority. Do your research and contact professionals who can guide you through the process.

These improvement ideas brought to you by Idaho Falls home builders, Guardian Homes.