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4 Carpet Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Carpet in London Looking New

Keeping your carpet clean can be a real battle, especially if you have pets, children or even just clumsy adults in the house. Of course no one wants to be spending their free time carpet cleaning, that simply doesn’t sound like fun, especially when there’s so much more to do in London. Of course sometimes when a stain strikes you have to take action before the damage becomes permanent, but that doesn’t mean you have to whip out the rug cleaner every time, or even put a lot of effort in. With our simple carpet cleaning hacks you can enjoy a beautiful carpet in no time, whether you live in London or anywhere else.


Blot don’t rub
It’s almost instinctive to rub a stain when you notice it, but this is going to give you carpet cleaning nightmares, because once you rub, the stain simply spreads to the rest of the clean carpet, meaning a small stain can quickly become a big one. So when a spillage does occur, resist the urge to rub, and instead blot it with a moist sponge or similar instead. This will ensure only the area affected is impacted, and will make it much easier to remove the stain as well. Carpet cleaning is all about swift action and being sensible in your approach, and that’s where blotting instead of rubbing comes in so handy.

Iron off stains
Use an iron to remove stains?’ we hear you cry, sounds ludicrous right? Surely applying heat to the stain will make it worse. But if you’ve ever worked with carpet cleaners in London who use steam cleaning instead of chemicals, you’ll quickly see how powerful the heat effect can be. A damp cloth over the stain, pinned down by a warm iron will do the trick just as well as a professional steam cleaner. To get the best results hoover the area to remove any debris, apply a cleaning solution of three parts vinegar to one part water, leave it to do its thing for about five minutes. Then pop a lightly dampened towel over the area and place your iron on top – voila, stain is gone.

The power of ice
Ice can be an extremely handy little tool when it comes to carpet cleaning London, in fact a lot of carpet cleaners in the area keep this little trick close to their chests because it works so well. One of the best uses for ice is getting chewing gum out of carpets, and if you’ve ever tried to remove gum from a carpet you’ll know exactly how annoying it can be if you don’t do it right. All you need to do is hold the ice over the gum for a few minutes until it’s hardened, and then scrap it off. The harder the gum the less sticky it will be, and thus the easier to remove.

The other thing ice is handy for is restoring the bounce to your carpets in London. If you have a few noticeable dents, perhaps where furniture has been standing, then simply pop an ice-cube in the dented area, let it melt, and then use your trusty iron and iron over the damp patch (with a towel between the iron and carpet). Once dry you can fluff up your carpet to its former glory.

Ditch the shoes
An obvious one maybe, but such a simple one that a lot of people overlook it. If you want to keep your London carpets looking fresh and clean, then try and avoid staining it in the first place – prevention is better than a cure as they say, and dirty shoes is one of the worst offenders for stained carpets, so ditch them before they do any damage.

If you are not confident that you can clean your carpet yourself you should hire a professional London company. They will take care of the stains and unpleasant odours and save you the hassle. Hire a reliable service provider to reduce carpet cleaning costs and save money in the process. Cleaning carpets will be an efficient and seamless process if the pros are on the job. They deliver fantastic results and will save you time and effort.