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4 Safety Tips for Installing an Electric Fireplace

Do you want to upgrade to an electric fireplace? If yes, then there are a few tips you should before you invest in electric fireplaces Toronto. following, we are giving you basic guidelines for a installing an electric unit properly without any hazard.


Get the Right Tools

Before you start, assure you have the proper tools. Electric Fireplaces Toronto services recommend a screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape, level, pliers, ladder and electric drill as your basic load out. These fireplaces can weight more than 50-lbs, therefore you have to make sure they are installed properly. If you want custom installation, bring building supplies including caulking and framing materials.

Choose Your Power Supply

You need to choose between hardwiring or plug and play. In case you want to hardwire, you better hire an electrician. If you want the plug and play option, install a 15 amp 120 volt outlet near the fireplace. If you don’t have an outlet, you better consult with a professional.

Test it

Before installing electric fireplaces Toronto, you need to remove the old fireplace, hardware and materials. Before you install the product, test to make sure it works perfectly. Plug the unit it and use control panel. For better use experience, store the fireplace in safe and dry location till you are ready to install.

Recessed Installation

Before you install the thing, you need to review dimensions of wall opening and fireplace to make sure it fits properly. Once you install it, you need to remove the glass panel. Take out the owner manual and see for any specifications about glass removal. Lift the fireplace and slide into the opening. Now screw the whole thing into the wall via mounting holes. If the fireplaces comes with media including logs and glass, place them inside the fireplace, when the media is placed with how you want, install the front glass panel back onto front.