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4 Townhouses RSL Draw 346 – Benefiting the Veteran Community

Do you always think to win a home lottery? If you buy a ticket in Draw 346 you may imagine “I may win this home lottery?” If you think in this way, well then, we are here to help you somehow.

For Veteran community, there is a prize home charity draw offering a 4 fully furnished and new brand houses. Move in the early time for an opportunity to acquire 4 houses valuing $3.5 million acquired through RSL Art Union with just $5 ticket!


You have opportunity now to order your ticket for Draw 346, providing you the prospect to win a fully new house at park side with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

At almost what one can regard as likely:

  • 4 fully rendered houses in city center, all with 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.
  • The house situated at Gold Coast. The national park, the mall and a lot of coffeehouses and eating places in the city centre.
  • Round about $145,600 as rental income every year.

While people have the opportunity to get a fully equipped house, the funds collected from the lottery ticket sale, goes to some charity organizations.

It is actually 4 townhouses RSL draw 346. The charity organizations use the collected funds to provide financial assistance to elderly people, and their needy families. These funds of charity draws are delivered to elderly care houses, nursing care houses and general welfare houses.

The first winner will get $3.5 million. To get entry in this draw, one just needs $5 for a ticket.

These home lotteries aren’t only a good way to get a fully furnished house, but also it is a great method to provide financial support to hard working charity houses which are doing great for this community. This is a situation where everyone benefits.