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A Simple Reflection: Glass Coffee Table Design

Investing in a glass coffee table is an exciting way to include an elegant focus point to a lounge; having the effect of providing the ideal finishing touches to an interior’s decor. Coffee tables offer symmetry in a room by complementing with the furnishings and colours of the walls. The reflection and translucent virtues created by glass mean that the design will echo and balance the ambience of the room.


Form and Function

When planning to buy a glass coffee table it is necessary to first think about the size and shape of the room in which the table will be placed. It is important to leave at least 60 centimetres of space in the region of the glass table to allow inhabitants to move around the room freely and also position chairs to be in comfortable proximity. A thirty-inch wide walk-way between the coffee table and other furniture and eighteen inches connecting a settee and the table will be the best amount of space to be seated comfortably and then be capable of reaching your drink or book.

Maintaining a balance between the coffee table and surrounding furniture can be tricky. A sleek and long coffee table with a streamlined couch accentuate the dimensions of the room. For smaller seating arrangements, a quadrangle square shaped coffee table works well with a corner couch whereas a circular shape will naturally bring the space together. The benefit of using transparent glass is that it will help make a smaller space appear far greater as it allows daylight to pass through the glass table.

A Balance of Styles

Styles that work great together are traditional with contemporary, irregular with even, elevated with low down. This creative combination of opposites delivers a surprising element to practical rooms within the home. Difference brings with it an air of interest and a welcoming appeal.

The way to ensure that opposites work is by using the “80/20 rule”. 80 percent of the elements in the room should fit together in way of colour palette, surface touch, materials and style. That added and most important 20 percent, delivers with it an unpredictable choice. Which shall capture an unpredictability and uniqueness in any space.

Time-honored techniques and styles are having a successful comeback when they are balanced with modern design. Smooth shapes in addition to traditional resources enable “touch me” textures to be created alongside sophistication.

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