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All About Residential Solar Energy

See here the advantages of having solar energy at home, how solar energy works for homes and the best ways to harness all the solar energy for your home!

Benefits of residential solar power systems

The biggest benefit of solar energy for homes is to lower the light bill and thus save energy. To save energy at home just install residential solar power systems (residential solar power generator) that will reduce your account by up to 90%!  

Solar energy values ​​your home. Who would not want to get with solar energy in house where you practically do not pay light bill? Here is summery of most important benefits.

  • Residential solar power ends up with increased light bill. In fact, once you install solar energy in your home you will never need to worry about increasing the energy tariff.
  • Solar residential energy is sustainability. Your neighbors will know your commitment to the environment and to your local community.
  • Solar energy makes no noise. You will generate the energy for your residence without having to hear that classic noise from the generators.
  • Quick installation. In 1 day the company can install solar energy in your home.


How solar energy works for homes?

  • The solar panel on the roof of the house generates electricity (direct current) when the sunshine hits it.
  • The energy generated by the solar panel passes through a solar inverter that alternates the direct current to alternating and equalizes with the frequency of its residence (60Hz). In this way, the solar energy is now equal to the electricity grid.
  • The power goes out of the inverter and is connected to the power grid of your home; usually the system is connected to the light board.
  • This energy is being used by house lights, appliances and everything that consumes energy that is plugged into the wall outlet. If you do not have enough sun, the rest of the energy is provided by the power distributor. (You do not even notice the difference!)
  • If your home generates more solar energy than it is currently consuming, the additional energy goes to grid and generates a “power credit” for you. (This credit is valid for 36 months and will be used automatically if you generate less energy than you are consuming e.g. a very rainy day)

Find out which solar power system is right for your home

To know which residential solar power system is right for home, the first thing you need to do is analyze your light bill. You need to see in your electricity bill the monthly electricity consumption that is shown in kWh. This number is shown in any light bill and without it, it is impossible to calculate the ideal size of the photovoltaic system for your residence.

If you already know your consumption or have a light bill nearby to check out then use a solar calculator and estimate the size and cost of the residential solar power system.