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Calling Sprinkler Systems Contractor For Sprinkler Maintenance

These are common problems of the sprinkler system along with their methods of problem solving. Any time, you see a broken sprinkler; calling a sprinkler systems contractor Portland is better option. Instead, you can also fix it on your own, and save sprinkler system repair cost. In order to increase the durability of this mechanical device, sprinkler system maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer should not be neglected at all costs. By doing this, you can make use of the warranty card to get repaired your sprinkler at zero cost.


But there are some conditions, where it is always better to call sprinkler systems contractor Portland for repair work. These conditions are:

Sprinkler do not connect

This may be due to incorrect setting in the self-timer or corroded electrical wiring system. For this sprinkler troubleshooting task, the professional contractor will check the timer settings and, if necessary, adjust them to suit irrigation schedules. Checking the main fuse whether it is turned on or the wiring is in good condition is an important task. Last but not least, you can inspect the water valve, whether it is working properly or not.

Break pipe

Broken pipe is mainly caused during aeration of the lawn. In addition, heavy stones or garden tools lying on top of the tube that can cause the tube to rupture. To fix it, the first step is to locate the damaged part, or puddle of water on the lawn. The water supply of the main sprinkler is cut down. The soil is dug near the affected part, deep enough to reach the pipe. The broken part is removed, making straight cuts, and then it is connected to the ends with expansion repair coupling. Another problem may arise; part of your irrigation system may still work even after turning off the main controller. In this case, all valves are checked.