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Do You Have A Blocked Stormwater Drain? Evade Disaster!

A stormwater drainage system is build to drain excessive ground water from surfaces like roofs, paved streets, and footpaths. They channelize away any surplus water from your grates and downpipes. Well, it’s not an easy task to identify a blocked stormwater drain, but here are some ways that will help you to identify when your drains are starting to block.

As blocked stormwater drains can lead to serious flooding in your home. Usually, stormwater is termed similar to all of the water that drains down the driveways, streets, gutters, and downpipes and also into the core drainage withal any debris that streams with it. This water is then released into harbours, lakes, and oceans.



Many people have confusion between a stormwater system and a sewage system. In fact, our sewage drains funnel all of the water from the toilets, showers, and sinks into the main sewage system where the water is then cleaned and processed. Basically, sewage drainage and stormwater drain are designed to maintain our health and environment safe and dirt free by preventing stormwater or sewage falling back into and around our home.

Found A Blocked Stormwater Drain?

Generally, a problem is noticed with stormwater drains during heavy storms and rains. Your stormwater drain system actually should perform to handle any situation with backing water, but if any blockage is noticed somewhere in the drain, then you’ll soon come to know!

General signs indicating a blocked stormwater drain:

  • Property filled with backing water.
  • Rather than draining water from the downpipes, it’s coming out of the bottom surface.
  • The surfaces of grates are noticed over flooded and unclogged.
  • Murmuring, gushing, the sound of rushing water, and many other unusual sounds coming from the drains.

How Do I Know That It’s Blocked?

Most of the time the blocked stormwater drains is caused due to varying factors like:

Inadequate Maintenance:

Keeping the gutters and grates free from debris and leaves is most important to perform. Make sure accumulated debris and leaves are not flowing in your grates and gutters. If you observe you them full of leaves, rain water would push the debris and leave into the drains – instantly causes clogging.

Tree Roots:

We have heard about tree roots affecting the drainage, and in reality, it’s true as well. Approximately 95% of clogging and blockage are caused due to tree roots to the stormwater drains. Mainly tree roots are driven towards nutrients and water flowing from drains, as they tend to grow in the moist condition of the land.

For even a pint-sized, hair like, roots can cause penetration to the pipes and can result in growing a large mass of roots withal debris and leaves flowing through the drains.

Inaccurate installation:

Check your stormwater drains are installed by whom. If the drains are not installed by professionals or a certified plumber, risk of incorrect installation of drains are likely to be more! They often try to complete the task by using shortcuts and easy ways to save as much money. Even any awry pipes or inappropriate joints can be the cause for tree root penetration and will also further continue to infiltrate the drains, no matter the times they are unclogged.

Hire a certified plumber to replace the inaccurate installation of stormwater drains with the correct one!

Busted Drains:

Is your drainage system collapsed or the stormwater drains busted? It’s advisable to quickly back up as the flow of water would not be as accurate or intended.

Foreign Object:

If observed any foreign matter heading their way into the grates or drains, they might result in clogging your stormwater drainage system by ending up getting stuck!

When To Call An Expert?

The very moment when you notice a blocked stormwater drain, need of local licensed plumber arises. There’s no one better to offer a perfect advice than an expert.

Experts have the skills and knowledge over blocked stormwater drain cleaning methods. Different methods are used for unclogging the drains. Hydro-jet drain machine is one of them. It is basically a trailer attached, high water pressure pump that is injected into your drains. The high water pressure busted in the drains works to unclog the stubborn mass of tree roots and accumulated debris. Once the blockage is evaded, CCTV drain camera is operated. It is implanted into the drains to send a live video to the monitor allowing accurate visual of the interiors of drains. This helps in identifying any problems or breakage into the drains of a stormwater drainage system.