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Electricity Tariffs: Which One is Best?

Currently there are several operators and electricity tariffs at your disposal. We leave you some tips to choose the most suitable for you.

Gone are the days when the electricity service was limited to a single operator and where the choice of the tariff went through paying the bill at the end of the month. Thanks to the liberalization of the electricity market in USA, consumers today have a wide range of operators and electricity tariffs and can (or should) choose the one that best suits their needs and consumptions.

But as always when there is a lot of choice the decision becomes more difficult. If that’s your case, relax. Let’s leave some tips that can help you.

What electricity rates?

This is the great advantage of the liberalization of the electric market: the possibility of choosing different electricity tariffs.

With the opening of the market to new operators, the possibility of offering new tariffs also came. You can now compare electricity rates and switch energy providers to save money on your electricity bill

  1. Simple tariffs

They are characterized by having a single energy price, which applies at any time of the day.

  1. Bi-Hour rates

In this case, your electricity consumption will be taxed according to two energy prices, depending on the time period. Prices are differentiated by “empty period” (which corresponds to the night period and with lower prices) and “period out-of-empty” (accounted for during the day and at higher prices).

  1. Tri-Hour tariffs

If in the previous one two taxation periods are defined, in this case they are three, denominated by “period of tip”, “period of flood” and “period of emptiness”. In this case the prices applied vary not only according to the hours of use, but also according to the seasons and the consequent needs.