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Factors to Consider When Buying a Plasma Cutter

So, you’re thinking to invest in a new plasma cutter to increase your productivity, right? Well, one may be confused with a huge range of different available plasma cutters models and types. It’s up to you who need to decide what type or model can better meet your needs. There’re a number of factors one should consider prior to buying a plasma cutter. Let’s have a peek at these factors below:


Plasma Cutting Torches

There’re two kinds of plasma cutting torches. The most common ones are high-frequency torches using high voltage transformer, spark-gap assembly and capacitors to create a spark. These torches don’t employ any moving parts, and therefore are fairly dependable. However, these high frequency torches create nasty electric noise and require infrequent maintenance to keep working smoothly and efficiently.

The other type is contact start plasma torch that employs a moving nozzle or electrode to create a spark lighting the Pilot Arc. This type turns ON quite instantly and doesn’t create inference with your other electrical items. So, it’s highly recommended that you should go through the Plasma Cutter Reviews in order to get the best advice.

Cutting Speed

That’s probably one of the main factors you should consider. The cutting speed is usually described in inches per minute. Your work load and priorities will decide what you need. You may either consult with any professional or do research online to make things clear. Choosing the right machine with right, accurate cutting speed can make a real difference, ultimately increasing your productivity. Always prefer those supplier offering quality, original machines with a very reasonable price.

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