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Gas Boilers & Some Alternatives

Gas boilers – for heating water for baths and above all for heating ambient air through radiators, under floor heating or other emitters – are a standard option for central heating for buildings with high heating needs.

But it is also an expensive option. There are cheaper and more energy efficient options, especially at the new construction level.

The more direct alternatives involving boilers running on other fuels are not cheaper. On the contrary, gas-fired boilers and pellet boilers can be two to three times more expensive than gas boilers.

On the other hand, these other boilers do not have advantages in terms of risks, maintenance or efficiency. Gas boilers offer low maintenance, high efficiency (especially condensing boilers), safety and extreme cleaning. The technological advances of the last decades, in terms of gas boilers, have been many.


The advantages of these other boilers, if any, lie in the prices of the fuels they use. And in this case, at present, only pellet boilers offer advantages. The prices of heating oil in recent years do not confirm these advantages (on the contrary).

Boilers, Gas-Fired, Condensing

Condensation boilers offer 10% or 20% higher efficiency (or in other words, energy savings of that order). It is a value to consider, for large consumers.

Small consumers (mainly households) may find it difficult to recover the investment. This recovery can reach more than 10 years, all depending on the levels of consumption.

Gas and Solar Boilers

The interconnection of a solar thermal system (of water heating) to the gas boilers can lower the operational costs of producing hot water.

It is an easy solution to be made technically (it is only necessary to connect the solar system to the hot water system associated with the boiler, so that the water is preheated via solar), but it is necessary to consider the costs of the solar thermal system, Which are significant.

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