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How To Hold A Workplace BBQ That Will Be Remembered

When summer comes around, everyone wants to be outside, and this is just as true in the workplace as it is anywhere else. With this being the case, you may wish to fire up your Outback dual fuel BBQ and plan a great party that will be remembered. This blog will take you through everything that you need to know to make sure that you can hold a great event for everyone at your place of work.


Safety comes first

When you’re doing something that involves fire, such as lighting a BBQ, you should ensure that you’re safe at all times. You will of course want to cook your food in the grounds of your workplace, but you need to make sure that you set up as far away from anything else as possible – as greenhouse frame parts could cause a fire risk if you put your BBQ too close. Also ensure that everyone stays away, and assign just one or two people to be responsible for cooking the food.

Think about the best possible time

Depending on the type of business you work in, you might find that not everybody will be able to take time away from the office at the same time. Because of this, you may have to hold your event in two or even three sessions, to make sure that everyone has the chance to come. Some people might not get the chance to leave their desk at all, and it is a good idea to try and think of a way that they would be able to get some of the food if they want some. Nobody likes to miss out, particularly if it is an event that the majority of people who work for the company are going to be involved with.

Add some music

If you are having an event, you don’t want everyone to have to sit in silence, so organising some music is a great thing to do. If you wish, you can simply set up a sound system and put the radio on, but it can be much more exciting to hire a live band. Brass bands in particularly are good for this kind of event, as they can bring a sense of occasion to any work party.

Turn it into a team building exercise

If you can, you should add some games to the event, that encourage people to work in teams – preferably with people who they don’t normally get the chance to work with during the day. You could split people into teams and then ask them to nominate somebody to come forward for each of the challenges, with a prize for the best team at the end of the event. Even making people build their own pizzas can be a fun task and then you will be able to cook it for them using a Firebox pizza oven.


No matter what you plan for your workplace BBQ, preparation is important, and you need to have a schedule that you will be able to stick to. Get in touch with your manager and ask how it could best fit into the day – and this means that as many people as possible will be able to go.