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Properties for Sale in Malta – The Tips You should not Forget

If you like to be sure of the best in searching properties for sale in Malta, we have selected 3 negotiation tips.

  1. Have other options

Whenever you want to make a proposal on any property be confident to set a “Plan B” when you don’t come to an agreement.

It is an important part of successful trading. Carefully, let the seller be familiar with that there is other option for you (i.e., “other properties” in view). That way, you’ll have a strong defense to argue with any seller’s favorite argument: the assertion that they have another buyer in sight.



  1. Keep your card near to you

The fundamentals of discussion educate us never to expose our situation. Very simple in theory, but once the feelings for the property has already appeared letting the other party be familiar with what is in your mind is very simple.

So do not let your excitement and state of mind speak louder.

  1. Find out more regarding the seller’s conditions

You should know more about the reason, need and desire of the sellers, and then it will be easier to settle an agreement in your support.

Here are some questions you can ask, and that will be helpful in the discussion process:

  • Why do you want to sell the property? The reason for the sale can be a divorce, the birth of children, or because they are interested in another region, for example.
  • Who set the minimum sale value?
  • Are there recent sales of similar properties or in the same region that validate the price of the property?
  • For how long time the property has been in the market? More time the property needs to sell, the more depressed the sellers are.
  • Are there other offers?
  • And above the initial value, has there been any reduction in value?