home Renovation Quick Tips to Waterproof Your Basement Before Renovations

Quick Tips to Waterproof Your Basement Before Renovations

Do you want to renovate your basement? It’s a good initiative, but you better waterproof it before you invest in renovating it. Following, we are offer you some guidelines for basement waterproofing in Toronto that will make sure your renovations will hold for long.


  • Extend the Downspout discharge line and keep it away from foundation. Lead it to the yard or make it go in the underground dry well. These lines often fail, even if your house is newly constructed. Therefore if you act on this safety precaution, it will ensure that the roof water is properly diverted.

  • If you want basement waterproofing in Toronto, you better use drylok on walls as they are not damp. Such products are effective to isolate dampness. These work great for one to year years but will chip later on. Therefore, you need to apply a fresh coat every 2-3 years to keep the problem in check.

  • You will have to adjust the grade so outside soil line in foundation will slope away from the premises. It will pay in the long run.


  • To keep your basement free of leaking, make sure you don’t have any plumbing issues.  You can do this by making sure the downspout are fitted perfectly and sealed off. Leaks can take place at roof and the water eventually finds way underneath shingles and down through the walls. This leads down to basement footing wall joint and forms seepage. So be careful, and keep your roof in check to improve your basement waterproofing in Toronto.


  • Level the exterior soil level outside of your home, this is where you will find the sill plate. If the outside mulch bed is high than inside basement wall, be ready for the water to seep in. However, you can stay on the safe side if you use protective coatings and keep watch for signs of colored stains on the wall.