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Restricted Key System- What Is It And Is It Worth The Investment?

One of the greatest concerns you have to deal with while working with traditional style locks is that of susceptibility to unauthorized access. Unless proper measures are taken to reinforce the security offered, the lock is vulnerable to forced access using different burglary techniques including lock picking, use of master keys and simple duplication of stolen keys. Most people opt for electric lock systems but because these are not without their faults, you might be better off investing in different reinforcement techniques. One such technique is that of using restricted key systems.


What Is A Restricted Key?

A restricted key is basically a combination of special lock cylinders and barrels that are designed to allow locking and unlocking using very specific keys. The keys themselves are usually not easily available to the public and can only be purchased from specific licensed retailers. Duplication of these keys is pretty much impossible with different rules and regulations ensuring that in addition to being physically difficult, it is legally unfeasible. The restricted key system comes in super handy if you want to make your lock resistant to master keys and picking tools without having to make the move to the more expensive and complex smart lock systems.

Benefits Of This Security System Over Traditional Locks

  1. They are resistant to key duplication 

The number one pro you have to look forward to while working with restricted keys is protection from duplication. As earlier stated, the process is tightly regulated and it would therefore be pretty much impossible for unauthorized individuals to obtain copies of the keys. This advantage comes in handy especially in the commercial setting where different employees have keys to different sensitive areas in the building. The last thing you want is to have a disgruntled employee walking around with a spare key to your kingdom in case the business relationship goes sour. The same case applies in the domestic setting.

  1. They are resistant to use of master and bumper keys

The second benefit you have to look forward to is protection from forced entry using master keys and bumper keys. They key and cylinder system is designed in such a way that these tools are one hundred percent ineffective. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about burglars using the tools of their trade to get access to your previous property.

  1. They are resistant to lock picking techniques

The resistance to picking tools also follows the same principle of resistance to use of bumper keys where the specific cylinder system is to thank for the additional security.

Final verdict

After all is said and done, there is no denying the fact that restricted keys are worth all the hype they receive. They are nice and simple yet offer higher security than more sophisticated and complicated systems. This fact makes it the perfect option for someone who wants simplicity without compromising on security. Therefore, whether you want the system installed on your front door or your bedroom, you can be sure that you have as much security as you can possibly get with traditional lock systems.