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Safety At Home and at Work: Proper Storage of Flammable Goods

People working on the processing, supply or transport of flammable products in house should be aware of the care with storage of this type of material. There are some guidelines that should be followed strictly to avoid accidents.


Firstly, you need to understand what materials these care apply to. According to the standard, fuel liquid is considered to be any that has a flash point equal to or greater than 70C and less than 93C.

Flammable goods storage should be done in fuel tanks, usually made of steel or concrete. Some special liquids may require other types of material in the composition of the tanks, which should always be spaced from each other by more than one meter.

It is also essential that storage tanks are equipped with devices that release excessive internal pressure caused by heat as well as flame arresters. They should also be protected against vibration, physical damage and proximity to equipment or ducts that generate heat.

In the case of liquids stored in house, it is necessary to use compartments constructed of metal sheets and mark them with visible signs warning of the presence of flammable. In addition, the store room must meet certain requirements such as:

– Walls, floors and ceilings constructed of material resistant to fire;

– Passages and doors provided with sills or ramps with at least 15 cm of unevenness, or open troughs and covered with a steel grid with a safe outlet;

– Explosion-proof electrical installation;

– Natural ventilation;

– Fire-fighting system with appropriate extinguishers, near the access door.

Depending on the volume of flammable products stored or handled at home, the following situations can be highlighted:

– Identify the product and its risks in each container, and try to keep each product in its container.

– Use manual pumps for the transfer of products between containers;

– Keep family members informed about the risks involved in the handling of flammables: solid;