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Synthetic Opals, Is It Better to Buy Them?

To start with what is actually a genuine opal? It is actually a natural existing mineral. It is different in some particular way similar to most stones. Some are lifeless and dull to mystifying and brilliant.

As a result, what are actually synthetic opals? They are copied from nature artificially.


Natural and nice looking opals are not easy to find and they are high in price. Even the very small piece can be created in the lab. There are mainly three kinds of opals: one piece or solid that is a natural opal, two pieces or doublet and three pieces or triplet.

Doublet is generally a piece of genuine opal with attached a black opal or some different color stone stick to its back. Therefore, a doublet can no more be fully genuine and natural opal. This triplet a doublet opal with attached a piece of clear stone on its top. It’s frequently quartz, glass or something in other shape. From three parts of Triplet opal, only one of them is real opal.

Is doublet and triplet bad in any way? Surprisingly no! They have the lower price and it is a good to become many people capable to buy them. The solid Opals are the genuine stones and have the top quality. Doublet Opal is a thin deposit of genuine opal and is not as expensive and triplet opal is less expensive again.

Now days, there are only synthetic opals. They are really opals however the normal natural procedure has been accelerated that needs millions of years to complete now needs only certain months or years in a lab. The results are surprising!

Synthetic opals will be ideal generally where natural opals are flawed. If it has much better look then it possibly a synthetic stone. But is it good to buy synthetic opal? Of course! They are gorgeously beautiful.