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Thinking About Buying A Property? Tips To Negotiate A Good Rebate

It is a good time to try to take down a good amount of the amount requested by the Real Estate Company or seller. Learn to use this to your advantage.

The purchase of a property is one of the most important decisions in the life. With the recent price boom, it became harder to get access to the much-desired house of its own.


The good news is that, as a rule, the prices demanded by the owner are always higher than the ones closed at the time of sale. That means you always have some room to cry a rebate. Just know how to use this to your advantage.

Although price is a key factor in the purchase decision, it should not be the only factor weighing heavily on the buyer’s scale.

Check out the top real estate expert tips below to get the best rebate possible when closing the deal:

  1. Always make a counter-proposal

The recommendation of most real estate brokers is that the potential buyer asks for a rebate of at least 5% of the amount requested by the seller. The owner already expects to receive a counter-offer. The moment is conducive to negotiate, believe the experts. With the volume of properties available for sale, the number of owners willing to give up profits to capitalize their investments is great. Many are ready to accept a smaller profit than in the past.


  1. Your bargaining power increases if you have cash in sight

The form of payment is a powerful argument when it comes to asking the seller for a rebate. Anyone who can afford cash will have the best negotiation tool with the owner. The experts say that the fall in property prices is more noticeable for those who have money to pay cash than those who need to finance the property. But the higher the entry, the greater the bargaining power.

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