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Top 5 Interior Design Tips

If you search interior design magazines or look at specialized websites looking for inspiration to repurpose your home, do not worry about sometimes finding conflicting opinions. Well, we here at Twelo know how difficult it can be to find simple tips to decorate an environment, especially when everything changes so fast in the decorating world.

Now, check out the tips.


  1. Different cushions on your couch

It is not advisable to place the cushions in the same shade of the sofa as it may leave the space monotonous. The idea is to bring a little contrast with cheerful colors. But we advise you to use fake fur textures, right?

  1. The headboard of your bed can change the room

What is not lacking is the option when choosing the ideal bed for your room. However, the headboard can make all the difference. Not to mention that a high headboard is more comfortable and makes the room more elegant.

  1. Neutral wall to extend the environment

The white color has the purpose of provoking a sensation of more space, that is, it increases the amplitude of the environment. If your living room is small, be sure to bet on the neutral tones!


  1. A studio can be a great inspiration for a small space

A small space can offer several possibilities for decoration. You can have all of the settings of an apartment in a mini studio.

We can see in the image, a small environment, but that was divided in a harmonious way and transformed into a beautiful dwelling.

  1. Elegance and quality: carpets in the bathroom

Sometimes it is easier to stay in the old and not risk the decor. Example, if you tired of the old plastic rug on the floor of your bathroom, then it is time to insert a new one.

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